Micheal Mitschele – A Successful Entrepreneur

Michael Mitschele is a prominent business executive in U.S. concrete industry. He started his career at an early age by running a business of boarding horses and he was arranging the horse events at the age of 15.

Michael Mitschele, Melissa Mitschele & Daniel Mitschele

After sometime, he joined his family business at Baer Concrete which deals in construction material. Initially he was appointed as operations support officer and was responsible for many jobs in the year 1981. During the year he was transferred to sales department where his main duty was to take care of the sale of construction material in the region of Northern New Jersey.

Michael D. Mitschele became the vice president at the Baer Concrete and general manager at Baer Aggregate and was handling all of his family business. He utilized his managerial abilities and made these businesses successful. In this period, he effectively planned and built a new concrete plant for Baer Concrete along with a crushing plant for limestone and septic sand. As a result, his company got huge increments in sales and revenue increased by 200%.  In 1999, He formed a company named U.S. Concrete, Inc as owner of the company.

Michael Mitschele as a founder of the U.S. Concrete utilized his skill effectively and proved his entrepreneurial abilities as Director of Corporate Development. Furthermore, he combined the small concrete companies and merged them into a single unit with the intention of representing United States’ concrete sector into the international business market of concrete.

Briefly, not only Michael successfully ran both of his family businesses successfully and demonstrated his managerial abilities but he also excelled as a successful businessman.

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